Injured Cyborg Tattoo Tips

These tattoos are definitely dab and go, but if you want to dress up your injured cyborg look you may want to review these tips.

First off: Don't Over-Do It

The sheet you receive will have several different injury tattoos on it. There are some bullet holes, a cheeck gash, a forehead scrape, and several others. You may wish to use them all but you want to make sure that you're not going overboard. Remember: you're a cyborg. Those humans may get lucky and get a few shots in on you but you can take care of yourself.

Get Dirty

Your cyborg tattoos create a great look but remember that if you got those injuries, you likely had to get hit by a truck or blown up to receive them. An easy way to add some dirt and smudges to your skin and clothes is by burning a cork until it's charred a little (then blow it out!). You can draw some nice black scuffs on you this way and make your cyborg costume more realistic. The lines may start out dark but you can smudge them with your hands to lighten/spread them. Again, don't go overboard.

Cyborgs in 3D

Your cyborg injuries are printed on a thin layer of plastic. They are shaded to appear 3D but you may want to go the extra mile and buy a cheap make-up effects kit to add some torn skin and fake blood to your effect. Once again, don't go overboard on the blood. Remember cyborgs are all killer robot underneath, they don't bleed like we do.


The clothes are the best part of this costume because you likely have them in your closet already. When cyborgs come here to hunt humans, they try to blend in because it makes their job easier. You'll need a pair of jeans (maybe ripped), a cool t-shirt, maybe a leather jacket. You may want to consider sunglasses (just make sure you can see at night though).

Wound tattoos look like real metal!

Total Time Getting Ready for Halloween

5 min. Dress in your own jeans, a cool T-shirt, and maybe a leather jacket (always seems that cyborgs like leather jackets)
5 min. Apply the Injured Cyborg Tattoos to your face and other exposed skin
10 min. later... Done... And you look great!
Bullet hole tattoos


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Safety Warning

Some individuals may develop a reaction to certain inks or even to medical grade glues, such as that used with our adhesive sheets. As with any temporary tattoo, you should test on a small area of your skin prior to applying tattoos for long durations. Tattoos should NOT be worn if a reaction is observed. People with a history of contact dermatitis should not wear temporary tattoos. The glue used with this paper may contain Toluene. As a precaution, do not use this temporary tattoo (or any other adhesive product containing Toluene) if you are pregnant or nursing. No refunds are given, so if you are unsure about your sensetive skin, you may want to reconsider your Halloween costume.