Injured Cyborg Tattoos

Not sure what to be for Halloween or your next fan convention? One really hot costume this year is the injured cyborg!


These temporary cyborg tattoos look realisitc - just like torn skin with metal underneath! Looks like you got in a fight and kept on going.


Terminator tattooThey are so easy to apply and will make your Halloween costume so simple! You've seen temporary tattoos before... they apply in less than a minute with just a bit of water. There's no fussing with goofy make-up kits, derma-wax, latex, or any make-up at all. Just dab and go!

Also, there's no worrying about what to wear since cyborgs from the future usually try to blend in by dressing like us.

These are great for a "second costume" if you dress up at any of the major fan cons like DragonCon, Wonder Con, Comic Con, etc. You likely put a lot of work into your "primary costume" but still want to dress up on another day. These torn skin tattoos make a quick & easy costume so you'll be out enjoying the convention without a lot of preparation.


These tattoos are custom designed and made exclusively for us. You won't find them in any store. They are not stocked anywhere. Make sure you don't run out of time to have these shipped to arrive for your Halloween party.

Costume Tips

These tattoos are definitely apply-and-go, but we've included a few tips on dressing up your tattoos and costume for added realism. Don't worry, they're easy too!
Injured Cyborg Tattoo Tips

Wound tattoos look like real metal!

Total Time Getting Ready for Halloween

5 min. Costume: Dress in your own jeans, a cool T-shirt, and maybe a leather jacket (always seems that cyborgs like leather jackets)
5 min. Apply the Injured Cyborg Tattoos to your face and other exposed skin
10 min. later... Done... And you look great!
Tattoos make it look like there's machinery underneath
Tattoo Sample Sheet

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Safety Warning

Some individuals may develop a reaction to certain inks or even to medical grade glues, such as that used with our adhesive sheets. As with any temporary tattoo, you should test on a small area of your skin prior to applying tattoos for long durations. Tattoos should NOT be worn if a reaction is observed. People with a history of contact dermatitis should not wear temporary tattoos. The glue used with this paper may contain Toluene. As a precaution, do not use this temporary tattoo (or any other adhesive product containing Toluene) if you are pregnant or nursing. No refunds are given, so if you are unsure about your sensetive skin, you may want to reconsider your Halloween costume.